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  • We hereby introduce you to Who's Around!

    Please read about us at page bottom and about your Privacy which we protect!


    Your GPS is only on when you are on the app. If your location is off Noone can see you, you can see Noone!

    No Matter where you are, Home or Away, see Who's Around and start connecting with the right people!


    Who's Around?

    Feeling out of touch?

  • Who’s Around makes you connect with the right people!

    Who’s Around is a time saving networking app to advertise yourself, your business and projects. Who’s Around connects you to the right people.

    Messaging board

    Who’s Around is a messaging app!

    You can send and receive messages before and after you meet your contacts and mesh when you want.

    Grid - see who'´s around!

    Use Who’s Around to view who’s attending an event!

    At home, hotels, conferences, events, airports, school campuses, concerts, games, parties, cruise ships, ski slopes, beaches and where ever you are, Who’s Around scans by GPS and shows you who’s around you, shows you their professional and personal profiles and puts you in contact with them right there and then.

    Search for the right people

    Who’s Around is an icebreaker!

    Connect with Who’s Around to break the ice and introduce yourself and projects to people around you.
    Search for the right people

    Who’s Around

    Connect with Who’s Around to people around you.

  • Who’s Around makes you connect with the right people!

    Are you looking for a way to advertise your business and projects to the right people? With this networking app you to connect with the right people you want to invest your time and energy with and who you are interested in meeting. Consider it your Personal Business Card!


    It is guaranteed to maximize your networking by connecting you to the right people and saving your time!

    Quick scan of people who are around

    See who´s around

    At home, hotels, office, conferences, events, airports, school campuses, concerts, games, parties, cruise ships, ski slopes, beaches and where ever you are, Who’s Around scans by GPS and shows you who’s around you, shows you their professional and personal profiles and puts you in contact with them right there and then.

    For iPhone & iPad users, please make sure your location is on to see Who's Around!

    V.I.P. section - All your favourite business contacts in one

    VIP & POI

    You can plan in advance and select who you want to meet and connect with in POI (Persons Of Interest.

    Keep your most Important people close to you! Add them to your VIP

    Personal business card

    Personal business card

    Make sure to fill in the right information in your profile to show you to the right people

    A one liner in your Bios can make a deference to get you in touch with people with your same values and vision!



    Forget paper business cards!
    Who´s Around doesn't only allows you to connect with other people and text them, it also allows you to fully exchange contact information.  View the profile with bios,  access to their Skype name, LinkedIn page, phone number, company, profession, industry and instantly contact them. 
    To respect privacy, If you are not connected to the person you will not have access to their phone numbers, Email, Skype, LinkedIn and you will not be able to contact them.
    Search for the right people

    Search Filter

    Search for the "Right People" using the search function to search by Name, Profession, Industry and Company
    Messaging function

    Connect with the Right people!

    Add What Sports you play and Have fun!

    Find that right person to share your values, vision and passion! Make it happen today with Who´s Around - Your ultimate networking app!

    Don't waste your time with the wrong people

    When you can be connected to the Right People!

    Find the right people around!

    See Who's Around!

  • Your Privacy is key to us!

    End User License Agreement and Developer Privacy Policy



    I - Who's Around


    Who's Around is an idea and a product from Who's Around AB Sweden. Edited and managed by NonOpn.


    II - Agreement



    By using, registering and login into an account, users accept the following license and the following privacy policy.


    The Who's Around team main goal is user data protection and integrity, as such, everything is made to prevent any issues, leak or illegal access to data produced or sent into the app and its server by the user.

    If in the event of a breach or compromise, users data should be put in danger, an immediate notice would be sent to users via Push notification and/or Email or blockchain transaction (At least in the Ethereum main network).

    III - Personal Data


    Who's Around and companies around its development does not gather and use personal data with commercial intentions. No resell or repackage of direct data are made. If this should evolve in the future, a default opted-out feature will be implemented prior the modification.


    IV - App Permission and accessed data


    Who's Around requires the personal user location. To be used and efficient, the app only registers the last known location ; no tracking or history is made with this location.


    It also only access the current app folder and the, if available, the "external" folder to access data the user will "choose" to share (Photo picked by the user). No scan, copy or upload without the user consent is or will be done.


    The User's contacts will never be uploaded onto Who's Around servers or companies' server editing or managing the app. Who's Around is currently only using the access to the contacts in order to manually invite them. In the future, only information "hashed" will be used to check invited user in the server (For more information, click here SHA2 EN - SHA2 FR)


    V - Open Source

    The team is focused onto providing a full disclosure of their Open Source technologies and also provide few technologies. The app is using Open Source libraries to achieve greatness. Here is the current list of packages the app rely upon :

    • eventemitter2
    • react-native
    • react-native-animatable
    • react-native-awesome-alerts
    • react-native-camera
    • react-native-cardview
    • react-native-elements
    • react-native-fetch-blob
    • react-native-gifted-chat
    • react-native-image-picker
    • react-native-img-cache
    • react-native-linkedin *
    • react-native-loading-spinner-overlay
    • react-native-login
    • react-native-material-ui
    • react-native-notifications
    • react-native-popup
    • react-native-progress
    • react-native-qrcode-scanner
    • react-native-side-menu
    • react-native-spinkit
    • react-native-splash-screen
    • react-native-sqlite-2
    • react-native-store
    • react-native-vector-icons
    • react-native-video *

    * Some libraries have been made to fixes issues, bugs or to implement new features. They are accessible at github 1 or github 2


    If in the future, a not-mentionned Open Source technology should be find in the app but not in this page, the team kindly accepts any emails, message, tweets to fix it. It is not in the intention of Who's Around, the team or the revolving companies to infringe any license by any mean.

    Users are to comply with Who's Around standards & ethics

    Who's Around retains the right to delete and block all profiles failing to comply ethically

    Who's Around prohibits harassment, obscene languages, obscene photos & obscene conducts. Who's Around will delete and block spam and robot profiles and profiles of users with obscene languages, photos , conducts who harass other users.

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